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If Bingo is your game, it’s the place to be.

Get ready to yell BINGO! With morning, afternoon, and evening sessions, seven days a week, you can play bingo all day long in the 550-seat Bingo Parlor at Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel. The fun is bigger and better with Progressive Pots and $1,199 Saturday sessions each month. It’s your choice – play with traditional paper or go electronic. 

Bingo is running on a limited schedule.
See full schedule and safety procedure details below.

Looking for a printable version of our monthly bingo calendar?
January Bingo Calendar (PDF)  |  February Bingo Calendar (PDF)

We have thousands in progressive jackpots waiting to be won!

10 AM Fishbowl Progressive


10 AM Jackpot Progressive


2 pm Fishbowl Progressive


Updated 1/16

2 pm Jackpot Progressive


49 Numbers or Less | Updated 1/16

6 pm Fishbowl progressive


Updated 1/16

6 pm Red Earth Progressive


49 Numbers or Less | Updated 1/16

Upcoming Bingo Specials

Winter Schedule In Effect

See Below

Double Hog Ball Special

2 pm & 6 pm

Double Hog Ball bonus amount

Winter Bingo Schedule December 1 – February 28

A minimum of 30 players will be required to play main session.
Payouts are based on buy-ins at start of session.

Matinee Sessions

Wednesday – Friday
2 pm
$15 Buy-In  |  $5 Extra Cards

30–49 Guests
$100 Regular Games & House Consolation, $200 Jackpot Consolation
50–80 Guests
$150 Regular Games & House Consolation, $250 Jackpot Consolation
81+ Guests
$200 Regular Games & House Consolation, $300 Jackpot Consolation

2 pm
$25 Buy-In  |  $5 Extra Cards

30–80 Guests
$200 Regular Games & House Consolation, $300 Jackpot Consolation
81+ Guests
$300 Regular Games & House Consolation, $400 Jackpot Consolation

Evening Sessions

Wednesday – Friday & Sunday
6 pm $25 Buy-In  |  $5 Extra Cards

30–59 Guests
$150 Regular Games & House Consolation, $250 Jackpot Consolation
60–100 Guests
$200 Regular Games, $250 House Consolation, $350 Jackpot Consolation
101+ Guests
$300 Regular Games, $350 House Consolation, $450 Jackpot Consolation

2 pm
Warm Ups  |  3 pm Early Birds
4 pm Main Session: Buy-In & Payouts Vary
Please refer to monthly calendar for details


(Closed Monday & Tuesday)

Management reserves the right to alter or cancel any session as it deems necessary at any time without prior notice.

Bingo Birthday Bucks policy

Guests visiting Meskwaki Bingo on the day of their Birthday will receive a $20 Birthday Bucks discount applied to their buy-in packet price for one of our two sessions.

If your Birthday falls on a Monday or Tuesday (the days we are closed), you may use your Birthday discount on the next business day we are open (The Wednesday immediately following).

Bingo Safety Regulations

Guests must purchase a buy-in packet prior to entering the Bingo Hall.

Guests who have been fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear a mask, those who have not are strongly encouraged to continue wearing a mask while on property.

All seats will be on a first come first serve basis.

Guests shall not move chairs from their original positions. No group seating is allowed. (Except if assistance/supervision is required due to handicap).

All guests are required to leave the Bingo Hall after each session to allow the Bingo team to clean & sanitize chairs & tables.

The entire Bingo Hall is designated as non-smoking until further notice.

Maximum seating capacity is 364 guests.

Meskwaki Bingo welcomes you back and we appreciate your cooperation.


The South Bingo entrance will not be available for entry, please use one of the available entrances: Main Casino Entrance, Parking Ramp Entrance, or Hotel Entrance.